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Welcome to the Anchor Smokehouse - Suffolk's premier traditional smokehouse offering oak-smoked fish. Fresh caught wet fish and the finest oak-smoked foods and still smoked in the traditional way on this site since 1878. The Anchor Smokehouse  team, which is still a family business; pride themselves in producing and preparing the finest quality foods for your enjoyment.

Exciting News
"AND THE WINNER IS...." - From "The best" Anchor Smokehouse are delighted to have been voted "the most loved delicatessen in the UK.

AND THERE'S More.... Also voted as the bronze medallist as the 3rd best overall business in Lowestoft.

Many thanks clearly to so many of our customers who voted and sent in reviews - good to know you enjoy what we do.
ANCHOR SMOKEHOUSE GIFT HAMPERS - see What's New page for a review of the main hampers, and today see special recipes designed for all the fine foods in our Exclusive Anchor Hamper for 1 .
The smoked fish gift hampers have been a great success so we will be continuing to expand this range and hope to accommodate many tastes and budgets. Keep watching the shopping pages and Anchor news pages for further updates.


• For those who love our fresh wet fish but can't get to our Lowestoft Shop we have expanded our WEEKLY VAN STOPS - Now you can buy Anchor fresh and smoked fish elsewhere - see our REGULAR VISITS page for more details.

This months recipes are both delicious and continue the theme of healthy eating - but really enjoyable healthy eating!  

  • Anchor Oak-Smoked Haddock Risotto
  • Cashew Salmon with Apricot Couscous

    Now lets really talk health - Having had several people ask us which are the healthiest fish for helping various medical conditions or helping to prevent them - the Anchor Smokehouse team set about doing some research - See how you can really help your health - see Links and Articles page for the results - you will be amazed 

    • Fabulous locally produced Jams, marmalades, chutneys and pate is now in our Lowestoft shop - it really is worth a visit.

    • We can now accept CHIP and PIN in the shop for the convenience of our customers and can now take telephone orders.

Food Ideals Gold Standard

Oak-smoked fish, at its very best.

From the finest oak smoked Kippers to delicate smoked Salmon, and from smoked Mackerel through to oak-smoked Haddock or oak-smoked Cod, the flavours are exquisite.

The combination of the highest quality fresh ingredients, and the mastery of the ancient art of curing and oak-smoking in traditional smoke rooms, unites to bring you flavours that are second to none.

Anchor Smokehouse - Smoked Fish Online

Family business with traditional values

Anchor Smokehouse is a traditional family business, owned and managed by John Raven and his daughter Gemma, and is situated on the Suffolk coast in the fishing Port of Lowestoft.

John Raven has fishing and the sea in his blood, and has been associated with the local fishing industry since he was a boy, and continues to fully support the local fishing industry by only using, wherever possible, the freshest locally sourced sustainable fish - indeed Anchor Smokehouse will use locally sourced sustainable ingredients whenever it can in all of it’s products, except the salmon, sourced from the clear waters of Scotland.

Anchor is one of the few remaining traditional smokehouses left in East Anglia today. There are many “smokehouses” operating using modern kilns or injecting foods with smoke flavourings, but at Anchor, we take pride in maintaining the finest traditions of curing and preparing everything by hand, and smoking over oak fires, whilst fully embracing modern hygiene standards and quality controls.

Smokehouse Lowestoft

It is not that we are old fashioned or traditionalists for the sake of it, it is simply that we believe, (and so do many customers), that by using modern kiln technology, much of the traditional smoking flavours may be lost.

Anchor SmokehouseDon’t take our word for it - Come and visit us and see a really traditional smokehouse and smoking process. Feel free to visit our shop where you can buy finest smoked fish, shellfish and beautiful fresh fish.

Clearly, not everyone can easily visit Anchor Smokehouse to enjoy the experience of seeing the smoking process but wherever you are, you can enjoy the results by simply visiting our online smoked fish shop and ordering traditional oak-smoked home products directly from us.

We even help with recipes and if you have helpful cooking tips as well, we would love to hear them.

Kippers by post or Mackerel by mail - what ever could be easier!

From first bite, you’ll know what makes our smoked fish special.

If you are buying our products as a gift you will see that our online checkout system allows delivery to any address in the UK.

If you can’t manage to get to Lowestoft, but would like to meet us then as another alternative you could see us at our regular Farmers Markets which we attend throughout Cambridgeshire or Suffolk most weekends. See Farmers Market page for details)

Anchor Smokehouse

We hope you enjoy the experience of the Anchor Smokehouse online shop and more importantly, we hope you enjoy the Anchor smoked fish and smoked fine foods.

If you have any queries or would like to contact us please view our contact page.

Anchor Smokehouse is open:
Monday to Friday 8:00 - 4:00
Saturday 8:00 - 12:00

Anchor Smokehouse - The finest ingredients plus the finest traditions - The perfect recipe.